WATCH: Smug Thug Jumps White Kid, Not So Funny When Cops Show Up

A disgusting video, which has been the center of so much controversy that it comes with an “anger warning,” is going viral. For reasons unknown, a brass knuckle wearing thug decided to sucker punch a 12-year-old white boy, all while wearing a smug grin – but things weren’t so funny when received the consequences of his bad decision.

Kane Millsaps (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube)
The incident took place in Conway, Arkansas, after 16-year-old Kane Millsaps assaulted a 12-year-old boy for disputed reasons. Unfortunately for the thug, a video was taken of the incident which shows him taking a cheap shot with the added use of a weapon.

As seen in the clip, Millsaps puts on a pair of brass knuckles and walks over to his victim, who had his back to him. At that point, the thug cocks his arm back and delivers a brutal blow that knocks the boy unconscious – but what the thug didn’t anticipate is that things were far from over.

Proving himself to be the low-life coward that he is, Millsaps dishes out a few more blows to the pre-teen’s face before being pulled off by a spectating girl. As one would imagine, the victim’s mother would later take him to the police station in order to file a report.

According to officers, the boy arrived with a bruised eye, a large cut on his neck, and a hole in his cheek that may require stitches. Furthermore, the police affidavit explains that when the victim awoke from being knocked out, “He thought he had gravel in his mouth, but it was pieces of his teeth.”

Since that time, the thug was a bit more than surprised to have his smug grin wiped off his face by police officers. Millsaps has been arrested, but it seems that things turned out much worse than he expected. Despite Millsaps being 16-years-old, the District Attorney has decided to charge the punk as an adult on felony charges of first-degree battery and for possession of the brass knuckles.

“Especially when you have young victims in a case, it’s something we’re going to take very seriously,” said 20th Judicial District Prosecutor Cody Hiland, according to Arkansas Matters. “It’s serious,” he said. “We feel like it’s something that needs to be pursued as an adult. It’s an adult act.”

In all, Millsaps could face up to 20 years in prison for his little stunt, and most people seem to think he deserves every one of those days behind bars for what he did.

It just goes to show that danger is lurking around every corner these days – and it could even stem from someone you know. In fact, Millsaps mother is disgusted with her own son’s actions. “I’m sorry to that family,” said the suspect’s mother, Amy Millsaps. “I don’t know why he did it.”

In addition to even his mother commenting, several people on social media have decided to share their thoughts on the incident. “Hit him from the back and feels strong. Hope he learns in prison what it means to be a victim,” one user wrote, while another said, “Look how the world is messed up!! A kid hit another kid with brass knuckles probably broke his face and all people could talk about is race!!”

Too bad the victim’s parents weren’t around at the time of the vicious assault. In fact, they probably wish they were after seeing what happened to him. However, had an adult concealed carrier been around at the time, I have a feeling this situation would have ended a bit differently. Chances are, we would have saved the thousands of dollars in taxpayer money it’s going to take to house and feed this violent thug for the next two decades.

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